Several methods can be used to convert HTML designs to WordPress. From manual coding to using starter themes and page builders that are combined with a suitable base theme. 

This page provides a list of resources, tutorials, and videos that you can start exploring as a reference to assist you in converting your HTML designs to WordPress Theme. We hope that this quick guide may help you in this endeavor.

CSS Frameworks

The top CSS frameworks that can be used to build your HTML design from the ground up. 

  1. Bootstrap - The CSS framework that is at the top in the market.   
  2. Foundation - The CSS framework second only to Bootstrap. 
  3. Materialize CSS - A Google-developed CSS framework.
  4. Bulma - A Flexbox-based open-source CSS framework. 
  5. Semantic UI - A CSS framework often used for stylish, flat, and subtle designs.

WordPress Starter Themes

Here are some of the best WordPress starter themes you can explore if you plan to get right into development.

  1. Underscores - A WordPress starter theme.
  2. Understrap - A starter theme that combines Underscore and Bootstrap.
  3. JointsWP - A Foundation-based (top 2 CSS Framework) starter theme
  4. WP Bootstrap Starter - A Bootstrap-based starter theme.
  5. Sage - A starter theme fit for the more modern web development workflows.
  6. Genesis - A starter theme best used for mature and robust designs.

WordPress Themes for Page Builders

Excellent WordPress themes that make a good base for page builders based on the WordPress site.

  1. Astra - An incredibly lightweight and very well-built theme for page builders.
  2. WP Page Builder Framework - Also a lightweight and well-built theme.
  3. Divi - A popular Elegant Theme for the Divi page builder.
  4. Beaver Builder Theme - A fully integrated theme for users of Beaver Builder.
  5. OceanWP - An all-in-one WordPress theme.
  6. GeneratePress - Another well-built and lightweight theme.

Page Builders

Next are the three best page builders you can use.

  1. Beaver Builder - Due to its easy-to-use interface and developer-friendly features, this page builder is well recognized and is currently used by millions worldwide.
  2. Elementor - Another well-known page builder used among millions, providing multiple features for designers.
  3. Divi Builder - This is a flexible page builder with a clean interface that works very well with Divi themes.

Here are some tutorials we handpicked which you can check out to know more about the HTML design to WordPress process:

  1. Converting HTML to WordPress: A Beginner's Guide - by
  2. Converting HTML To WordPress: Step By Step Tutorial - by Scott Langdon
  3. [VIDEO] How to convert an HTML Template to a WordPress Theme - by Mr Digital
  4. [VIDEO] How to Add HTML to WordPress for Beginners [Simple] - by Let's Build WordPress
  5. HTML to WordPress Theme Tutorial: Step 1 – Converting Your HTML to PHP - by Rachel McCollin
  6. HTML to WordPress - by FixRunner Team

That ends this quick guide to our best picks for CSS framework, child themes, and tutorials to help you in your HTML to WordPress conversion tasks. We've also made a collection of the best HTML to WordPress service providers here.