Thanks for visiting, a simple tutorial website build for people with HTML template files or websites in other platforms to learn how to convert HTML to WordPress.

We are a small group of website developers who specialize in WordPress development and we love building websites for our clients using WordPress.

We have over 10 years of development experience in WordPress and we've been building sites for clients and ourselves it's very early days of WordPress.

On this site we've shared simple tutorial on HTML to WordPress conversion along with some resources and service providers that you'll find useful for your WordPress conversion project.


If you're reading this you were probably redirected to this site from one of our group members after you came to us with your HTML to WordPress project requirements but found our prices to be high.

We shared this DIY guide with you because we understand everyone has a different budget and we respect that and we wanted you to learn the process yourself.

If you have the money or in-house resources you can go through the whole website and get yourself fully equipped with the information on converting your HTML files to WordPress.

We've even covered other cheaper alternative service provider that you can choose from for your project.

This is just a small gift from us that we're giving to you with hopes that in case you are not able to DIY or do not like the quality provided by other services and want truly enterprise grade stuff, you'll come back to us and give us another shot.

Till then, stay safe. We'll look forward to hearing from you.